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IDPMS Proudly Partners with Official IBM-Accredited Company

Strategic Maintenance Solutions, inc.

We are delighted to announce that IDPMS has officially partnered with Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS), a prestigious American company based in Maine, USA. SMS holds the distinguished status of being an accredited partner of IBM, further enhancing the strength of our collaboration.

This partnership represents a powerful synergy between two industry leaders. IDPMS has a long-standing commitment to excellence in remote and condition monitoring solutions, while SMS's IBM Platinum Business Partner accreditation and global presence make them a formidable partner. Together, we are poised to revolutionise remote monitoring solutions on a global scale, transcending geographical boundaries.

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the introduction of Robotic Signature Analysis, a groundbreaking technology that allows for real-time data gathering and predictive maintenance. With this innovation, we aim to reduce downtime and provide significant cost savings to our clients.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership as we usher in a new era of remote monitoring excellence.

​Since 1999, Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS) has focused on an Engineering, Operations, and Maintenance approach to the implementation and improvement of Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Asset Management systems.

With hundreds of implementations under our belts, and more than 100 employees focused on client satisfaction, we can help you achieve your maintenance and reliability goals.

In the event of turbulent economic times, it is important to reach to those partners who have had a proven, reliable and trusted track record on delivering what is promised.

Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS) is a trusted Industrial IoT Solutions adviser and a global leader in the implementation, enhancement, and validation of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Calibrated Asset Management systems. Founded in 1999, SMS brings extensive engineering, operational, and maintenance experience in diverse industries including Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Aerospace and Facilities Management. SMS has achieved and maintains the IBM Platinum Business Partner accreditation. We continue to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions aimed at helping our clients realise tangible and sustainable operational improvements. 



For more information on SMS, please visit their website on: 

Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. | Industrial Transformation (

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