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Thermographic Surveys (Rotating Assets & PLC’S)

Thermographic analysis is a critical technique in identifying assets that may be running in an alarm status that will predominantly lead failure.
Thermal imaging surveys to prevent breakdowns

IDPMS uses our thermal imaging surveys on electrical panels, distribution boards and rotating machinery, it is an unobtrusive method of inspection that can prevent future breakdown situations from occurring.

Thermographic surveys are a cost-effective form of inspection, one fault identified can pay back costs of the survey and will in turn save cost of an unplanned breakdown.

Our Processes and Systems

Our engineers use this as an opportunity to identify both mechanical and electrical faults caused by an increase in heat due to friction and/or increased resistance which can be used on:







Process control

IDPMS also offer full support in the remedial exceptions highlighted during our visit.

Issue Found during Thermographic Survey

Issue after rectified work to asset.

Issue Identified

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