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Criticality + Consequence Analysis

Criticality Analysis allows risk to be managed, with assets assigned a Criticality rating based upon the uncertainty of asset performance affecting your production objectives. Consequence Analysis prepares you for the consequences of hazards and planning for them. IDP Maintenance Solutions Ltd helps you to create visual Criticality + Consequence Analysis simply with all the support you may need.

Criticality + Consequence Analysis are integral to all forms of maintenance. Understand the risk associated with your assets and be prepared for any possible inconveniences. 
Your reliability decisions should be based upon data, in which IDP Maintenance Solutions Ltd helps you to identify the risks and consequences of your assets. In doing so we have created a user-friendly system that helps you make the right data-driven decisions.
IDP makes Criticality + Consequence Analysis simple and easy to input, and understand. 


Our simple colour-coded selections make it quick and easy to see key asset information helping you to make decisions based on data. Our Criticality + Consequence Analysis inputs are bespoke to your specific needs, we can add and modify as many categories and statements as needed to suit your preference. 

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