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Walkdown Verification

Walkdown verification is a pivotal process in asset management, involving a systematic physical inspection to confirm the accuracy of asset data. It ensures assets are correctly identified and located, assesses their condition, reviews documentation, synchronises data, validates compliance, and aids maintenance planning. This process is essential for maintaining accurate records, enhancing safety, and optimising asset performance.


At IDPMS, we have successfully assisted numerous clients worldwide in carrying out comprehensive walkdown verifications of their facilities. Our expertise in this field ensures that our clients' assets operate at peak efficiency while adhering to the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Key Components & Purposes

Asset Identification: Walkdowns serve to confirm the accurate identification of assets within the asset management system. This entails validating asset names, identification numbers, and other essential particulars.

Condition Assessment: Personnel conducting the walkdown visually inspect assets to evaluate their physical state. This encompasses the detection of signs of wear, damage, corrosion, or any other factors that might impact the asset's performance or safety.

Location Verification: Walkdowns ascertain that the asset's recorded location aligns with its actual placement. Precise asset location data is of paramount importance for effective maintenance planning and swift response during emergencies.

Documentation Review: During the walkdown, personnel may scrutinise asset-related documentation, such as maintenance records, PFD and P&ID drawings, inspection reports, and equipment manuals, to ensure they are up-to-date and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Data Synchronisation: Any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the physical asset and the data in the asset management system are meticulously documented. These disparities can encompass missing assets, incorrect information, or maintenance backlogs.

Compliance and Safety: Walkdowns may also involve the examination of adherence to safety regulations and standards. If safety issues are identified, immediate corrective measures are initiated.

Data Validation: The information gathered during the walkdown is utilised to update and validate the asset management database. This guarantees that the system accurately reflects the current status of assets, facilitating well-informed decision-making.

Maintenance Planning: Walkdowns provide valuable insights for maintenance planning, aiding in the identification of assets requiring immediate attention or prioritisation for maintenance activities.

In summary, walkdown verifications constitute a pivotal component of asset management, enabling organisations to uphold precise records, ensure asset integrity, and optimise maintenance procedures. They play an indispensable role in risk reduction, safety enhancement, and the prolongation of asset lifespan.


There are a number of asset management programmes available in the industry that can be used to help businesses keep on top of their asset management. At IDPMS we have created our own software, that provides full transparency to its users, is easy to use and consistently adapts to the industry to stay current and fit for purpose. More information on this can be found in our 'Hierarchy Development' section. 

Now partnering with SMS, we have use of an industry-leading software in IBM Maximo. IBM Maximo is a robust enterprise asset management (EAM) software solution designed to assist organisations in efficiently overseeing the complete lifecycle of their physical assets. It offers a centralised platform for asset information, work order management, preventive maintenance planning, inventory control, procurement, and more.

Maximo enables organisations to streamline maintenance processes, optimise spare parts inventory, and adhere to industry regulations. The software provides mobile access, allowing field technicians to access real-time data and perform tasks on-site. Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools support data-driven decision-making.

IBM Maximo is scalable and widely utilised across various industries, offering valuable features for enhancing asset reliability, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency. It assists organisations in maximising the value of their assets while ensuring proper maintenance and compliance with industry standards.

IDPMS Walkdown Industries

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Food and Beverage

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Industrial Facilities

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Mining and Metals

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Oil and


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