Hierarchy Development

The key to any successful maintenance strategy is a quality hierarchy/asset register. If your asset register is missing equipment or contains redundant/removed equipment it is likely your maintenance costs are higher than they should be and your equipment downtime is high.

IDP Maintenance Solutions offer a range of services through our CMMS to assist in hierarchy development including:

> Hierarchy building.

> System confirmation / Walk-down.

> Asset tagging.

> Asset attribute gathering.


Hierarchy Build Tool

We have developed a Hierarchy Build Tool to assist in building a hierarchy structure whilst eliminating the usual pitfalls of data entry such as:


> Duplication of equipment.

> Duplication of CMMS numbers.

> Consistent naming structure.

> Consistent equipment grouping type.

> Full traceability of information.

The IDP Hierarchy Build Tool's primary use is building hierarchy,  and when used in iPhone/iPad mode can also be used to attach photographs directly to each asset or component, ideal for capturing equipment attributes during a system walk-down.
Once you have imported the information, it can be exported easily ready for upload into any CMMS system.
Display Laptop Mockup.png
> System Overview

Provides the user with System information, drawing reference and a list of child assets already captured.

> Asset Entry

An asset entry page with predefined fields for the asset type, location and drawing reference and a unique CMMS number creator.

> Component Entry

The component entry page automatically shows the parent asset at the top of the page and like the asset entry page has a pre-defined field for component type and a unique CMMS number creator.

in this example, we have used “Component name”, “Asset Name” and “Description” fields to create the unique component name. These fields can be reconfigured to create the naming convention of your choice.
> Mobile Mode

When used in iPad/iPhone mode the tool can be used to capture images and directly link them to the asset or component. Ideal for use in system confirmation/walk-down projects here the P&IDs added to the system can be opened and marked up/redlined for progress tracking or issues logging during a walk-down.


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