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Total Productive Maintenance 

Originating from the Toyota Motor Company, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) has been helping industry identify and eliminate causes of waste in production facilities of all types since as early as the 1960’s.

TPM is a proactive approach to maintenance including all stakeholders, from operators to line managers and maintenance departments.
IDP Maintenance Solutions has a proven history of TPM implementation and have used this approach in developing tools to assist you on your journey to the “Perfect Production Run”, the following screenshots show some of the features available.
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TPM aims to achieve the “Perfect Production Run” achieving:


No breakdowns.

No stops/slow running.

No quality defects.

As well as the “Perfect Production Run”, facilities engaged in TPM benefit from:


Improved Health and safety standards.

Improved operator knowledge of equipment.

Improved Teamwork.

Improved communication.

Fault logging +OEE


The key to TPM is recording all quality defects, stoppages and slow runs. Our TPM tool can be used by operators with a PC available or with an iPhone/iPad app.


Screenshot 1 is a data entry page customised for a client.


Screenshot 2 is an OEE graph created from the data entry forms.

Data Analysis

Operators, managers and maintenance can quickly analyse equipment performance using the TPM tool.

Operator care/ Autonomous Maintenance


Operator care/Autonomous maintenance tasks are key to the success of TPM, operators will be trained to identify defects early whilst undertaking basic cleaning/maintenance.


Detailed tasks can be created and scheduled in our tool. Operators can follow instructions and feedback qualitative and quantitive values swell as photographs though the mobile app.


All tasks are automatically archived for a detailed equipment history to be gathered.


5S is the foundation that IDP Maintenance solutions use to build a solid TPM process. Included in our TPM tool is the ability to set up questions and answers with scores to suit your facility ensuring your 5S audits are relevant. It is also possible to store and create standards for each area using the tool.


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