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Air Leak Surveys & Repairs)

Numerous companies in various Industries seeking to reduce production costs and improve energy efficiency may well benefit from reviewing their compressed air system. 

Recent findings estimate that such systems account for 10 percent of all energy used in global industry, with a 10 – 30 percent wasted on leaks. 


This type of wastage can be very expensive, as even a 5mm leak could cost up to £3000 a year.

A large amount of companies are unaware of the extent of any onsite leakage, or the associated cost, clients are concerned that any audit will be disruptive and/or time-consuming. 

When done correctly, auditing can be efficient, fast and cost saving, whilst highlighting opportunities for energy-saving and process improvements across the plant.

Air Leak Survey & Repairs to meet your requirements

Air Leak Surveys can bring many benefits, including:


Energy cost reduction

Increased air compressor and treatment equipment         

     life through load reduction, reducing cost of ownership

Productivity improvements from maintaining higher system


Compliance with legislation.

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