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Lean Manufacturing

With the support of our partners IDP Maintenance solutions can offer a comprehensive support structure for your “Lean Production” targets.

Our Partners LEAN Production Targets Include:


> Standardised work

> 5S


> Quick changeover

> Just in time

> Built-in quality

> People

> Safety

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The Opex-support App is a Lean Production Support Tool developed by one of our partners.


It is a quantitative tool that aligns a work environment through the approach of reasoned questioning. The App has the ability to display KPI’s as required. It is a live communication tool that is date stamped and indicates who updated the App or made a comment for escalation. Whilst the App is created to align a thinking way and to be monitored by management, it’s main goal is to improve performance in Safety, Quality, Cost and performance.

> Dave Powell

Lean Manufacturing Director
Dave has acquired a broadknowledge of project management and delivery, covering all the major systems of business optimisation including:

> Lean

> Six Sigma

> QRM among others.


He has extensive experience in applying those principles, successfully, into many companies and varied industries.

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Meet Our Strategic Partners: 

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IDP Maintenance Solutions Ltd offer a range of services to help you get the best possible performance from your plant or equipment.
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